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Take a look at our wide variety of venues to find the perfect one for your event.

The Venues

Palace De Shaan

Royal and exquisite. A perfect place to hold weddings and act as a backdrop for shoots.

Suhanav Lawn

A beautifully-maintained open space that can accommodate up to 1500 people.

Suruchi Lawn

A green, open area that can accommodate  over 500 guests and see to their entertainment.

Manvar Hall

A hall spacious enough to hold banquets, seminars, and executive dinners.

Generator Hall

A peaceful place to meditate and conduct yoga classes, and spiritual workshops.

Football Ground

A large playground where you can host football and cricket, even during the night.

The Dhaba

Authentic, organic food cooked to perfection to ensure deliciousness.

Jain Temple

A beautiful and peaceful space to visit anytime you need a bit of divine connection.

Swimming Pool

A large pool with slides. Can accommodate 500 people.

Flower Nursery

A nursery with seasonal and rare flowers that are a joy to behold.


Beautiful covered garden with well-laid out pathways, excellent for peaceful walks.

Bird Sanctuary

Many species of beautiful birds and a few animals who thrive at Aayush.

Palace De Shaan

A most exquisitely designed and beautifully decorated palace that has served as the venue for countless royal weddings, TV shoots, photo shoots, and other events.

It is an extremely popular destination for weddings and ceremonies. Its old world charm and royal setting elevate any event.

Many popular TV serials and movies have been shot here. A lot of photoshoots also take place here to take advantage of the backdrop and lighting. The palace can host up to 500 people.

Suhanav Lawn

A beautifully-maintained open space that can accommodate up to 1500 people.

There is a wonderful stage which can be used as a dais for receptions, ceremonies, and corporate events alike.

Ideal for:

• Award functions
• Musical nights
• Sangeet ceremonies
• Annual parties

Suruchi Lawn

A comfortable and cozy space that can be used for open air as well as covered parties.

Choose it for:
• Family gatherings and functions
• Annual parties and department events
• Musical gatherings
• New Year or Christmas parties
• Receptions
• Re-unions and get-togethers

Manvar Hall

A spacious hall that can accommodate upto 400 people. It is perfect for all types of banquets and conferences.

Choose this hall to lend a certain amount of grace and gravitas to your professional event.

You can use this space to create different layouts:

• Presentation seating
• Banquet setting
• Conference arrangement

Generator Hall

The Generator Hall has an ambiance of peace and harmony. It has an attached terrace as well where you can conduct sessions in the open air, overlooking the beautiful greenery and mountain vistas.

The open scheme and the energized space of the Generator Hall makes it ideal for:
• One-day workshops
• Yoga and mindfulness classes
• Spiritual retreats for rejuvenation
• De-stress and relaxation programs

It can accommodate upto 50 people.


A full-sized football ground, where you can organise football matches and even go for a night cricket tournament! This way, you do not have to endure the sun and you can experience the thrill of playing under the floodlights.

Many corporate houses have enjoyed their internal competitions and we have also hosted inter-company tournaments.

Contact us now to know how you can organize a friendly tourney with your friends and colleagues.

The Dhaba

A village-themed cooking area where you can enjoy fresh, organic, and homegrown food.

The food here is cooked on clay stoves, the way our ancestors did. These cook tops impart a unique flavour to all preparations.

The cooking method taps in to our heritage, taking our guests back to the time when food was considered divine and eating an act of worship.

We can cater to up to 300 people here.

Jain Temple

A beautiful temple with delicate carvings all around its structure.

It’s a place for people to come and sit in peace and connect to the divine.

The temple seems like as an oasis in midst of busy lives.

Swimming Pool

A large, 3-feet pool, especially made for parties and relaxation, which can accommodate 500 people.

It is an extremely popular destination during the summers, and why shouldn’t it be, as its the perfect way to beat the heat.

Many corporate houses choose to raise their company morale here.

Families and other groups come here for day-long picnics and enjoy the gentle breeze and cool waters, along with the water slides.

Animal & Bird Sanctuary

A thriving animal and bird sanctuary adds to the charm of Aayush Resort. We have many exotic animals and birds that are sure to delight and amaze you.

We have Persian cats who are so friendly that spending time with them is a form of therapy.

Our resident ostrich is a joy to behold.

You can also feed our cows here.

Nursery, Serenity Garden & Organic Farm

We have a flower nursery where you take a stroll amidst the flowers and delight in their colourful display and gentle aroma.

The Serenity Garden is a covered area with walk where you can sit, walk, or meditate.

Then there is our organic farm, where all our food is grown.

We have a sustainable ecosystem and all our food is pesticide-free and fresh.

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What People Are Saying About Us

We loved every event of our Summer Wedding! The sangeet in the lawn was so much fun and the wedding itself looked so elegant and royal. It was an experience of a lifetime!


The features that set Aayush resort first among equals is that it boasts of an artificial palatial set and a very well maintained zoo cum bird sanctuary. The staff was very enthusiastic and helpful. The food quality and taste were very good.


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